Premier Credit Union Urbandale Branch

OCTOBER 4, 2022 – MARCH 31, 2023

3,200 SF

The Premier Credit Union, Urbandale Branch is a 3,200 SF financial building consisting of transactional and office space for the Credit Union. The project was delivered through a design-build approach with Simonson Architects.

This project, similar to others at the time, had numerous challenges throughout the build, including the procurement and final plat of the property, and utility coordination and easements with the City of Urbandale. Moreover, the project was planned and obtained amidst the unpredictable construction market of 2022. Extensive assessments were conducted to identify the optimal materials and construction methods that would provide the utmost value for the project’s budget. As part of this process, thorough evaluations were carried out to compare the use of steel or wood framing. Consequently, it was determined that a wood framed structure would be most economical and timely for the project.

Graham successfully tackled a remarkable obstacle during this undertaking by accomplishing the entire project within a mere six months, all the while dedicating most of the project duration to work during the winter season.

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