Excel in demanding environments

  • Keeping facilities operational during the construction process. We face and meet every challenge with a “can do” attitude.
  • Our abilities shine most in the face of difficult projects because that’s where we show our “can do” attitude.
  • We have worked on multiple 24-hour facilities, keeping them operational.
  • Clearly communicating and conducting well organized steps means we commit to NO UNEXPECTED DOWNTIME for a client.
  • Keeping every jobsite clean so that operations can continue undisrupted, whether it’s an operational hospital, research lab, food processing facility, data center, or classroom.
  • Uncompromising in safety, with a safety record in the top 1% of the nation. We keep our jobsites and our clients’ facilities safe.

Creative solutions for difficult issues

  • Giving the optimum solution without compromising the final product despite issues that come up during projects.
  • Dealing with existing or unforeseen conditions and determining the best solution for our clients.
  • We have NEVER been in litigation or arbitration. We always find an ethical way to solve situations out of court.

Guide our Clients from “Concept to Completion”

  • From start to finish, we partner with our clients to help guide them through the construction process and can also perform the construction management.
  • Offering the best value for their investment. Meeting the client’s goals with the best pre-construction database and experience in the industry.
  • Successfully completing every project with a systematic series of operations known as our “Core Processes”, keeping each step of the process ordered.
  • Getting clients all operational materials – the “Closeout Documents” – 30 days before occupancy is our CLOSEOUT EXCELLENCE.
  • We GUARANTEE our schedule with a 10% rebate of our fee if we ever miss a completion date.

World Class at Building Relationships

  • We believe that TRUST, OPEN COMMUNICATION, AND HONESTY are critical foundations for a successful project. Because of this philosophy and the value we place on relationships, more than 70 percent of our current contracts are with repeat customers.
  • In our 2022 Client Net Promotor Score survey, our clients were asked how strongly they would recommend us. Their responses gave us a score of 89- A WORLD CLASS SCORE. For reference, the average score in the construction industry is 52. (Source)

Live the Graham Mentality

  • Completing every project from a client’s point of view to build and maintain our most important assets: our long-term relationships.
  • All decisions are made with the Graham Mentality, made in the best interest of our clients.
  • Having NO SURPRISES and an open and honest line of communication with our clients. Difficult decisions become easy when we ask ourselves, “What’s in the best interest of our clients?”