What is the Graham Mentality?

Graham Construction’s philosophy and core values can best be summed up in a concept we call the Graham Mentality. Simply stated, it is a guiding principle that all decisions are made based on what is in the best interest of our customers.


Completing every project from an owner’s point of view to build and maintain our most important assets: our long term relationships.


  • Having an owner’s perspective and asking yourself “what‘s in the best interest of the owner?” when making decisions that affect the project,
  • Determining and exceeding the owner’s expectations,
  • Providing a positive outlook while enjoying what we do
  • Having a “can do” attitude in all situations and finding ways to succeed when others tell you it’s not possible,
  • Having the sincerity and willingness to build the long term relationship founded on trust, commitment, and the desire to succeed – Building What’s Important.