Graham Construction’s greatest value starts with our Program Management Services, which begin long before design and construction commence.

If your company has identified a vision for your future through strategic planning, we can help address the facility needs of that vision. Graham’s Program Management Services provide seamless support by giving owners one contact through the strategic facility planning and construction process. From strategic planning, master planning and capital budgets to site analysis and final facility plan approval, Graham provides a continuity of supervision that pays off in cost savings and project efficiency. Program Management allows owners to better anticipate construction demands and have more control over the future of their facility.

Graham will design a road map to take you from your strategic plan to implementation of your building plans, guiding you from concept to completion. This road map entails:

• Master Facility Planning
• Existing Facility Assessment
• Capital Budgeting
• Financial Assessment
• Board Approvals
• Community Support Building
• Construction
• Occupancy

To take full advantage of the leader in commercial construction industry, engage Graham from the beginning of your project planning for the best ending.