Cedar Valley Humane Society

5,000SF, May 2022 – April 2023

Phase 1 was the construction of a new 4,950 sf Multi-Purpose building to help neglected animals which may otherwise be mistreated or euthanized. The propose for this building is to provide additional space for the Cedar Valley Humane Society to have vaccination clinics and obedience classes, house overflow of animals, storage for their food pantry, and have a meeting space for community or private events to better serve the community. The Education, Event, and Training Center has a separate entrance, for public classes, birthday parties, meetings and other events.
The goal for the next 2 phases is to triple shelter size to an 18,000 sq. ft. facility to accommodate community pet needs. The HVAC systems need to be updated to include separate systems for isolation and adoption areas. It will increase natural light throughout shelter to enhance mood and reduce stress of shelter pets and create an inviting lobby area with adequate seating.
The plan utilizes materials that will reduce sound amplification to reduce stress for shelter pets and provided separate entrances for adoption and admission departments. It will increase animal kennel capacity to ensure safety of all pets and Update flooring to be uniform and sealed for safety and disease control. Rooms will be created for quarantine areas to care for animals with contagious diseases while preventing the spread to other heathy pets. All plumbing and electrical will be updated for energy efficient usage.
Also in the plans are outdoor “Catios” for access to fresh air and multiple play yards for dogs to play in. There will be indoor meet and greet rooms for potential adopters to spend time with a pet.

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