Lakes Regional Healthcare
  • location: Spirit Lake, IA
  • size: 33,000 square feet
  • services provided: Master Plan, Preconstruction, Construction, Project Closeout
  • Completion Date: April 2018

Lakes Regional Healthcare

In February of 2010, Graham along with RDG Planning & Design was engaged by Lakes Regional Healthcare to lead them through a ten year master planning process. During that process, the team evaluated the services and facilities of the entire hospital and several areas were identified for expansion or renovation. The master plan was also broken down into five phases that would be implemented over the life of the master plan. Phase I involved renovations of the MRI, Ortho Clinic and Physical Therapy and was completed in October of 2011.

Phase II addressed major needs in the Surgery Department, Cardiac Care Unit, Business Office, Purchasing, Obstetrics and the Front Entry with 21,000 SF of additions and 12,000 SF of renovations. In addition, a Physical Plant addition was constructed to upgrade the facilities infrastructure. This project completed in June, 2014.

In January of 2017, Lakes Regional Healthcare, Graham Construction and RDG Planning & Design came together again to complete a re-evaluation of the existing master plan. This was a small renovation of the Imaging and Pharmacy departments.

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