• date: 07 Nov 2018
  • client: First Federal Credit Union
  • value: $2,800,000
  • location:
    Cedar Rapids, IA

First Federal Credit Union

Graham Construction was selected as the Construction Manager for the First Federal Credit Union because of their ability to deliver quality projects within a guaranteed time frame. First Federal Credit Union had a goal to offer their members a unique banking experience and to stay in front of the current trends in banking. Their new 7,600 sf facility has an exterior look that stands out among the other Westdale area buildings and this continues as you enter the building. There is not a standard bank teller line but instead you will be greeted by Electronic Teller Machines in a modern lobby with high ceilings and natural light from all directions. A technology wall was installed to match the modern look of the facility. A contact center, board room, conference space, secure storage, and future tenant space finished the facility and allow them to serve their members better.

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